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Reviews you can trust.

“University Parking Enforcement has been a huge part of helping us maintain a great atmosphere for our students. Not only are they professional and courteous, they also are very honest and fair. We appreciate the lengths they go to to help landlords and tenants create and understand fair parking regulations.”

Jamie Jacobson
Property Manager

“University Parking Enforcement has been very efficient in taking care of our parking problems. We are located directly across the street from UVSC and have become their overflow parking. We have fewer complaints and more parking spaces due to the services that University Parking Enforcement provides.”

Steve C.
Walmart Manager

“University Parking Enforcement's staff is very prompt in helping with any problems that may arise. It is very impressive to me that their services cost us nothing. They provide all of the supplies needed (i.e.: signs to post in the parking lot, parking stickers for our cars) with no extra cost to us. We would be happy to refer anyone to University Parking Enforcement.

Everyone at our office agrees that University Parking Enforcement was the right choice for our business. What impressed me the most is how their enforcement is tailored to our individual needs, what time to boot, personalized signs, etc.

UPE's employees are quick, courteous, and a pleasure to work with. Because all situations are handled quickly and efficiently, our parking "problems" are no longer problems and we all have a place to park in the morning. I appreciate UPE's calm and professional attitude with parking violators and their eagerness to resolve any and all conflicts with patience and understanding. Thank you!”

Ashman Dental

“Back in January of 2002, University Parking came to us and proposed a Parking enforcement plan to monitor and control the parking lots and garages of our apartment complex.  Since the University parking has completely taken care of all the parking issues at Old Academy. The have installed all the necessary signs, delivered permits to our office and have cooperated in handling all if our parking needs. There has been very good communication over the phone between both parties. Occasionally, we have a misunderstanding with new residents, or other vehicles in our parking lot but University Parking has been very good about resolving any mishaps promptly after receiving a phone call from our management team.

A short time ago a representative from a competitive parking enforcement company approached us with an enticing proposal. We briefly considered there offer before we decided that we had been receiving excellent service from University Parking and had no reason at all to switch parking service providers.

University Parking and all of their employees have been pleasant to work with and we look forward to using their services to help us to maintain a professional and orderly environment at Old Academy. We have just opened Parkway Condominiums in Orem by UVSC and are planning on handing parking enforcement over to University Parking very shortly.”

J.D. Gibbons
Property Manager

“University Parking Enforcement has been providing parking enforcement for the properties Hidden Vale manages since August 2002. Hidden Vale highly recommends this company. They have been dependable in every aspect of our association. Please call our office if any additional information is needed.”

Joy Eves
Property Management

“We the managers at Grandview Manor would like to thank you for all of your assistance in dealing with our parking, booting, towing etc. We would recommend your services to any company or individual, we have been so pleased. Your services have always been prompt, your employees courteous, and we have received nothing but the best from you company.

Previous to our agreement with University Parking Enforcement, we were using another local company which was a nightmare. This company was forcing all needing their help for over an hour, their staff was not kind, and we did not feel like they respected us, or the fact that we were giving them business.

Immediately, upon meeting with the owners and representatives of your company we felt reassured and appreciated. Our tenants are completely happy and satisfied with our change of companies to your services. Many have come to thank us for changing to University Parking Enforcement. We look forward to using your companies' services for quite some time and recommend to any individual or company not using you already, that they make the switch.”

Katherine Brousseau
Property Manager

“We were so impressed with the successful way in which they handled our problems that we asked them to provide parking services to Glenwood, Riviera, Raintree, and Cambridge Court. University Parking Enforcement and all of their employees have been wonderful to work with.

Enforcing a parking lot does not always receive feedback, but this particular company handles each situation with understanding and patience. The kindness they extend to our staff and very importantly our residents is consistent and very much appreciated. University Parking Enforcement is always prompt to follow up on situations and is constantly checking in with management to assure that their job has been satisfactory.

University Parking Enforcement offers our residents not only a place to park, but our residents have also appreciated receiving complimentary lock outs, tire changes, jump starts and gas outs. They have always been prompt and very willing to help out wherever needed.

I would strongly recommend University Parking Enforcement to anyone who wishes to have a parking enforcement company that meets and even exceeds your expectations.”

Ryan Tyson
Director of Student Relations

“We have used University Parking enforcement with great success in solving our illegal parking problems. They were able to tailor a plan to meet our specific needs and have responded quickly when called upon day or night. When working with the public they have treated people fairly but firmly. They have handled all signage on location when requested. I would recommend their services to all property owners and management companies for parking enforcement.”

Steven L. Bamgartner, Owner
Old Mill Realty

“We could not be more excited about the changes we have seen. We feel confident about the way our property is patrolled. They are professional and very personable. They work great with our residents to help them understand why they are getting booted and they help them understand what the rules are. They also like to be involved in the resident's happenings. This last September we had an open party for our residents and University Parking came and cooked the meat and met the residents. Our residents thought that it was really cool to get to meet the parking enforcement in a non-threatening environment. A lot of them talk about how nice and friendly they are. It really helped to have them come out of context to get to know the residents.

We have loved the services they provide to us as Management. They come in every month to see how things are going on the property and in our lives. We always enjoy the visits and look forward to hear how things are going for them. They also give us a boot log every night they boot someone. We like this service because it helps us know what is going on at night and we have a heads up for what problems we might come across that day. They are also really great when situations arise when we are in the office drop the ball and one of our residents is booted because of an oversight her in the office. The come right over and take care of the problem. They have great customer service and we look forward to working with them with many years to come.”

Tiffany Johnson, Assistant Property Manager
University Villa Apartments

“We at University Villa apartments have been very pleased with the service that University Parking Enforcement has provided for us and all our residents for the past year. They have been more than willing to help with us with enforcing our parking situations, with resident car issues (i.e. lock-outs, flats, etc.) and maintaining a good attitude with out residents concerns with parking. Their services have been prompts and rates have been more than fair for the help they render to us.

I have appreciated the frequent, personal contact that Mike maintains with us. This helps us to let them know about situations and concerns that we have, but also that it helps them to make sure that they are doing the job that we need them to do. I feel that you would benefit greatly by looking into the services that their company provided and how they can work for you and your facility.”

Jason Stilson, Property Manager
University Villa Apartments

“University Parking Enforcement has been a great company to work with they have great customer service and communication skills. We have never had a parking enforcement company that was as consistent and professional as UPE.”

Carrie Ballner, Manager
Triton Investments

“This is a letter of recommendation for the University Parking Enforcement. They have always been very open to feedback, and are always looking for ways to improve their service. They have been very accommodating to out residents and have been a refreshing change from other parking enforcement companies that we have worked with in the past. We have seen a huge decrease in the amount of problems that we have with our residents and parking because of their efforts.”

Sarah Smith, Property Manager
Riviera Apartments

“Before we joined with University Parking Enforcement, our parking lot would fill up with students' cars leaving a few spaces for our customers throughout the day. I have been very impressed with the professional staff at University Parking Enforcement. They have taken care of our parking problem and continue to help us out. They are always courteous and very prompt in their response to our calls. I strongly recommend University Parking Enforcement to anyone who needs parking control.”

General Manager

“We have had a great experience with University Parking. They were able to fix a long standing parking issue that caused us many problems for customers and delivery issues. They were able to address the issue with students in a manner so as not to cause customer service issues inside the store. And as an added bonus they have been able to take care of flat tiers and other problems for our customers, giving them an all around happier experience.

It is my pleasure to recommend University Parking Enforcement as a full service booting company. The past two years our school has been extended services from University Parking Enforcement. There have been many occasions of contact with them. Each contract was handled promptly and professionally. The staff was tactful with situations.

We extend our congratulations in their expansion and look forward to many more years of service with them.”

Betty M. Johnson, School Secretary
Wasatch Elementary

“University Parking Enforcement has solved our parking problem! They handle their tough job in a professional, dependable, and courteous manner; even sticky situations are expertly managed. Our confidence in University Parking leaves us worry-free. Their services are not only appreciated by us, but by our tenants as well. We made a great decision when we chose University Parking, and we couldn't be happier.”

Matt and Jennifer Gessel, Managers
University Villa, Logan UT

“Our store is next to an apartment complex with single students and parking and parking has been a problem for many years. We have found that working with University has solved most of the parking problems that we have. They have been very good to work with and even helped some of our customers jump start their car. I have been very impressed with the professional manner that they run their business. I can highly recommend them.”

Chris J. Stevenson, Owner

“University Parking has always presented themselves in a professional manner. They were very willing to provide us with a service to meet our needs, such as special hours, employee passes etc. Their lockout, jumpstart, and tire change service is a true service, which they perform with a smile. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone.”

Jim Fischer, Manager
Reams Food Stores

“I have been so impressed with University Parking Enforcement. They aren't the typical towing or booting company. They are clean cut, friendly, honest, and professional and have gone way beyond my expectations. They have made my job much easier! They have solved our parking problems and have promptly taken care of all of our needs. I would strongly recommend them to anyone!”

Shanda Braithwaite, Property Manager
Canyon Terrace Apartments

“With the holidays approaching, we would like to extend the warmest of wishes and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your staff. We wanted to express our gratitude for doing a good job. The kindness you extend to our staff, and very importantly, our residents is very much appreciated. It has been a pleasure to do business with you. We wanted to extend our gratitude for assisting in making our job a little easier. We wish you a prosperous New Year.”

Jeff Sechler, Manager
Remington Place Apartments

“University Parking Enforcement has been patrolling our parking lot for several years now. We switched to them when our prior parking enforcement wasn't keeping up with their commitments.

When University Parking Enforcement approached me, they made claims of prompt, reliable service and free assistance with lockouts to our customers. I am pleased to say they have done this and more. On occasion, we have had a car booted that we desired to have undone or refunded for various reasons such as vehicle breakdown, preferred customers, or employee relatives. They have always honored our wishes without question.

I gladly recommend this company to anyone who has a need of this type of service. You may feel free to contact me with any questions.”

Steve Hunlow, Assistant Vice President
Wells Fargo Bank

“Since having University Parking Enforcement do our service, we have noticed a big difference in complaints from students. Vandalism has dropped since they patrol several times per night. They are polite and feel service is important. A couple of times per month they come to the office to see if they are doing there job to my satisfaction. I have found them be extremely easy to work with. Whenever there is a problem or complaint my phone call is answered in a timely manner.

I would recommend them highly if you need their service.”

Maxine Dunning, Manager
Alta Apartments

“University Parking Enforcement has been one of the greatest assets in providing our clientele quality service. On weekend nights are parking lot was being filled by customers of other businesses, this became both frustrating and annoying for management and our patrons.

From the first night University Parking Enforcement patrolled our parking lot until the present time we are able to focus on our customers needs instead of worrying about the problems outside of our building. All of those have been booted in our parking lot have been treated professionally and courteously. The owners and operators of University Parking Enforcement meet each and every request we as management make in a timely manner. In short, we have full confidence in the way they protect our property during our peak hours of business.”

Joshua R. Clarke, Facility Manager
The Quarry

“This letter is to inform you of our experience with University Parking Enforcement. We own a shopping center in Provo, Utah and have student apartments across the street, with inadequate parking. We were contacted by University Parking Enforcement to help with students using our parking lot overnight. Recently, we have had a major problem with employees and students of Beauty College that is a tenant in the center using prime parking spots. With the help and attention given to the property by University Parking Enforcement, we have been able to bring both problems to an end. I could recommend them to anyone who is in need of parking enforcement.”

O. Richard Flack, CSM Vice President
Barlow Nielson Associates, INC.

“We have been very impressed with University Parking Enforcement's professionalism in taking care of our parking issues.”

Bryson A. Hapairai, General Manager
La Quinta Inn

“I would like to highly recommend University Parking services. I have utilized their services for the past four years. They have been courteous, timely, and fair in their procedures.  University parking services has helped us with our unique parking dilemma. Cougar Copy Center is located within proximity to the Brigham University campus, making its parking lots very tempting to students wishing to easy access to campus. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for our customers to find parking. With the help of University Parking services our problems have been amicably solved.

Our previous parking enforcement service made little effort to take into account the worries of the people whose vehicles they were towing. The parking violators would loudly complain that their cars were being damaged by the tow trucks. With University Parking Services boot system, the offenders only have their guilty conscience to complain about. The boot is attached to their tire, making it impossible to move the car without paying a fine. The car is not towed and not damaged.  University parking services has a quick response system. They are available at short notice when we report a violation. They also respond quickly to the violator's call.

Again, I can highly recommend University Parking services to anyone who wishes to have a courteous, timely, and fair company working for them.”

Eric Redd, Owner
Cougar Copy Center

“We changed companies because of repeated complaints from our tenants regarding how our old company patrolled our lot, and dealt with our tenants. The complaints have dramatically decreased since we changed to University Parking Enforcement. Our tenants also use and appreciate the additional services that the company offers: free lock-outs, tire changes, gas outs etc.

One of the greatest improvements that University Parking has made over the last few years is how they handle their appeals process. I appreciate being able to refer my tenants to this and know that University Parking will deal honestly and fairly with them.

University Parking is always willing to distribute fliers, notices, put up signs etc. to insure that everyone has had plenty of warning before they are booted.”

Debbie Allred, Manager
Miller & Continental Apartments

“I and my staff have been very pleased with the service that we have received from them and have found their methods of controlling parking to be superior to what we have experienced from other providers. We rarely receive a complaint from those who have been booted, and on the rare occasion that we do, the owners of the University Parking Enforcement have been very easy to work with to resolve any issues.

Our tenants have also been very pleased about the free services that University Parking Enforcement provide to the residents of King Henry. Many of our tenants have called University Parking Enforcement and have been helped into their locked cars and received a free jump on their dead batteries.

We have been impressed that University Parking Enforcement has been able to meet their promises with us. They have a 24 hour service and have been to the property within 15 minutes of the phone call, whether it is a call to release a boot or a call to rescue a resident due to car problems. The staff of their company is polite and is dedicated to quality customer service.

King Henry looks forward to a continued synergistic association with University Parking Enforcement.”

Christina Henley, Manager
King Henry Apartments

“I would like to recommend University Parking Enforcement to any company looking for this type of contractor. University Parking came to us after we had made a bad decision with a different parking enforcement company.

University Parking worked with us while we set up the parking rules and notified all of our residents. They installed professional signs at the entrances of our property and in our designated areas. They were patient with us as we had them move and make more signs until we finally had things the way we needed them.

Everyone that has worked with University Parking has been professional and great to work with. They have been firm yet fair with the people that have been booted and have done their best to run interference so that neither my staff nor I have to deal with people that have been booted. I have also learned quickly that the better we back them up as far as not removing boots the better it has been all the way around.

I would highly recommend University Parking to any organization that is looking for parking enforcement.”

Stephanie Zifting, Manager
Hanbury Manor Apartments

“We are writing this letter to thank you for your excellent service. For the nearly 7 years that we have been managing, parking has been one of our major concerns. We have had countless horrible experiences with unreliable towing companies as well as dealing with angry tenants they had towed (sometimes in error). Several times, we thought that we had found a towing company to assist us. However, each time we were very disappointed and left again to try and handle it ourselves.

Then one day, this summer, we saw a University Parking sign and called the number immediately. From the beginning our experience has been wonderful. From the first appointment (which was kept and Mike arrived on time), University Parking has come through every time. The new signs were up on the property the next day and an old abandoned eyesore of a car(that we had been trying to get rid for months) was gone within a week, Unlike previous companies, University Parking understood the rules the first time we explained them and we have not had to remind or correct.

We would recommend University Parking to anyone and everyone. Our job has been simplified many times over and we no longer have to worry about any of the parking violations that we have been plagued with for years. Thank you so much for running an efficient, friendly, and reliable business. We wish you much success in the future-you deserve it!”

Damon & Kelly Bolli, Managers
South Willow

“Parking enforcement is a necessity at any parking lot where availability may be taken advantage. My apartment complex at BYU was fortunate to Hire University Parking Enforcement to maintain and patrol parking 24 hours a day.

University Parking Enforcement has done an exceptional job. Enforcing a parking lot does not always receive positive feedback, but this particular company handles each situation with expertise, maturity, and patience. University Parking Enforcement is always prompt, follows up on situations, and is constantly checking-up with management to assure their job has been satisfactory.

I would recommend University Parking Enforcement to any company, business, apartment complex that desires to maintain close tabs on the vehicles that are parking in their lot.”

Keysha A. Peck, Manager
Canyon Terrace Apartments

“We have been very impressed with the service and with how much it made a difference in the current parking situations. University Parking made all the signs and did all the work, and all we've done is receive the benefits. I would recommend University Parking Enforcement to anyone who wants to give their tenants security in knowing that they are always have a place to park 24/7.”

Laura Erickson, Leasing Financial Manager
Wasatch Property Manager

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