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The State of Utah legislated signage and notice laws for towing in January 2021.  Any private property that does'nt have updated legal signs posted to comply with this law must give a vehicle 24 hour legal notice before towing. 

It is unlawful to sell or dismantle a motor vehicle without legal title in Utah.  This titling process can take up to 180 days to complete with The Utah Department of Transportation.  These junk vehicles cost our company a significant amount of time, real estate, and overhead to process.  

Utah Parking Authority provides abandoned vehicle removal to the general public for a $300 processing fee that contributes to the tow, filing, and dismantling of the vehicle. Unlike with garbage removal, snow removal, and other property maintenance costs- UPA will refund this cost to you should the vehicle owner pick up and pay for the impound.  This fee may also be waived if you are a current parking enforcement patrol client or if the vehicle title is surrendered at the time of tow.

Please download the towing notice, tape notice to the driver's side window, and send photos of the vehicle parked in violation with the notice affixed to the window to UPA's Help Center.

Please download and return the official Application for Duplicate Title from the state of Utah, if you own a vehicle that you want removed but have misplaced the title.

Request Abandoned Vehicle Removal

Please fill out the following abandoned vehicle removal order and you will be contacted and placed on our removal list.

NOTE: Only the property owner or authorized agent may request this tow.

Upload Photo of Vehicle

Thank you for your request.  A member of our compliance team will contact you shortly.

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