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Complimentary Legal Parking Enforcement Signs

Utah Parking Authority will cover the cost of legal towing signs and posts for any client enrolled in the digital parking permit program and/or patrol parking enforcement program.

Customizable Parking Signs - Reflective, 18" x 24" .080 Aluminum ACM

Non-Compliant Utah Towing Sign.jpg

Why contract with experienced parking experts, exclusively focused on parking enforcement, rather than just a typical towing company?

In Utah, a significant portion of towing signage fails to meet the legal standards set by state ordinances. Common issues include the use of non-reflective materials, inadequately sized lettering for parking regulations, misspelled words, and tow truck images that do not meet the required dimensions. Consequently, each enforcement action based on these non-compliant signs is, by nature, legally questionable.


Contracting a licensed, bonded, and insured parking enforcement service, known for its expertise and compliance with regulatory standards, is essential in safeguarding against potential legal liabilities. Such a strategic partnership ensures adherence to legal requirements and minimizes the risk of litigation.

UPA No Parking Anytime Sign.png
UPA Handicap Stall Sign.png
UPA Electric Vehicle Parking Only Sign.png

Additional Courtesy Signs

Utah Parking Authority will facilitate the design and production of reserved stall parking signs, visitor, future resident, handicap, no parking, and motorcycle parking signs, etc.  You may also contact our local sign vendor directly for custom sign orders.


Can a car be towed from my private parking lot without signs?

For private property without signage, the property owner may request a tow truck motor carrier to remove a vehicle from the private property 24 hours after the property owner or the property owner’s agent affixes a written notice to the vehicle.

Please download the towing notice, tape notice to the driver's side window, and send photos of the vehicle parked in violation with the notice affixed to the window to UPA's Help Center.

2024 UPA Towing Notice.png
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