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Create a seamless parking experience for residents and guests through digital permitting.


Features include an easy to use resident dashboard, mobile permit app, property manager back-office reporting, LPR enforcement integration, and more.

Property Manager and Resident Benefits.

Convenience: Digital permits eliminate the need to physically obtain, display, or replace a sticker on your vehicle. Residents can manage their permits online, applying for and renewing their parking permissions quickly and easily from anywhere, using a computer or a mobile device.

Security: Digital permits are linked directly to a vehicle's license plate, reducing the risk of theft or misuse associated with physical stickers. This system ensures that only authorized vehicles are parked in the designated areas, enhancing security for all residents.

Flexibility: Residents can update their vehicle information in real-time through our online system. This is especially beneficial for those who may need to change cars temporarily or permanently, allowing them to switch their permit to a new vehicle without needing a new physical sticker.

Reduced Administrative Burden: Our digital systems streamline the administrative process. Property management can issue, revoke, or modify parking permits with just a few clicks, which simplifies record-keeping and reduces administrative overhead.

Improved Compliance and Less Dispute: With a clear digital audit log and real-time data, disputes over parking violations can be resolved more easily. Residents can see their permit status online, reducing misunderstandings and increasing compliance with parking regulations.

24 Hour Help Center: The UPA Help Center representatives assist permit holders 24/7 to navigate the software and manage their account.  This decreases in person visits to the management office by 80%.

Leverage the expertise of our professional parking service to secure your peace of mind and protect your private parking lots from potential liabilities associated with unauthorized vehicles.

“Utah Parking Authority has always been very open to feedback, and are always looking for ways to improve their services. They have been very accommodating to out residents and have been a refreshing change from other parking enforcement companies that we have worked with in the past. We have seen a huge decrease in the amount of problems that we have with our residents and parking because of their efforts.”

Sarah Smith, Property Manager


UPA provides this proprietary software free of charge to multi-family, student housing and HOA communities.

Clients must also be enrolled in patrol status with UPA's parking enforcement division.  Residents and guests may be charged a nominal one-time *service fee. 

Reviews you can trust

UPA is trusted by more than 800 private property clients, cities, and property management companies.

Image by Robert Godwin

“We recommend Utah Parking Authority to anyone and everyone. Our job has been simplified many times over and we no longer have to worry about any of the parking violations that we have been plagued with for years. Thank you so much for running an efficient, friendly, and reliable business. We wish you much success in the future-you deserve it!”


Property Manager

man standing beside wall_edited_edited.j

“UPA has been one of the greatest assets in providing our clientele quality service since we started using their services in 2002. The owners and operators of Utah Parking Authority meet each and every request we make in a timely manner. We have full confidence in the way they protect our property during our peak hours of business.”

Joshua C.

Facility Manager

Image by Tony Luginsland

“Parking enforcement is a necessity, and Utah Parking Authority has done an exceptional job. Enforcing a parking lot does not always receive positive feedback, but this particular company handles each situation with expertise, maturity, and patience. UPA is always prompt, follows up on situations, and is constantly checking-up with management to assure their job has been satisfactory.”


Property Manager

Image by Clay Elliot

"Utah Parking Authority has solved our parking problem! They handle their tough job in a professional, dependable, and courteous manner; even sticky situations are expertly managed. Our confidence in UPA leaves us worry-free. Their services are not only appreciated by us, but by our tenants as well."

Matt G.

Property Manager


Visitor parking is linked directly to the resident host permit

Where visitor parking is available, a visitor must contact the host resident for an authorized visitor code.  Visitors may sign-up from anywhere, anytime in under 2 minutes. 

UPA Visitor Parking ParkUT.png
UPA LPR Van.png


Permit parking is enforced by License Plate Recognition software and cameras.

Once a vehicle has been found to be in violation of the parking rules, the vehicle is either temporarily locked up with a Smartboot®, or towed to a secure impound yard.

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