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Upgrade your parking services at no cost to the private property owner.

Professional Features & Services include:

+ Digital Permitting

+ License Plate Recognition (LPR)

+ Smartbooting®

+ VIP Towing

+ Legal Parking Signs

+ No Binding Contracts

+ 24 Hour Help Center

+ More...


Create a seamless parking experience for residents and guests through digital permitting.

Features include an easy to use resident dashboard, mobile permit app, property manager back-office reporting, LPR enforcement integration, and more.

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Self-Releasing Smartboot®

SmartBooting® is an enforcement tool contracted by a private property owner to maintain an organized parking lot for permitted vehicles. The motorist found to be in violation of the parking regulations has the opportunity to release the SmartBoot® at a fraction of the cost of towing. 


VIP Towing Services

Utah Parking Authority utilizes top-of-the-line, cutting-edge tow trucks and equipment to enforce illegally parked vehicles on your private lots. 

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Legal Parking Signs

Utah Parking Authority will cover the cost of legal signs and posts, for any client enrolled in our digital parking permit program. 

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Why hire experienced parking experts, exclusively focused on parking enforcement, rather than just a typical towing company?

Choosing to hire experienced parking enforcement specialists, as opposed to contracting an inexperienced or generic towing service, offers a significant advantage in terms of compliance and risk management. This distinction is crucial because of the intricate web of city and state ordinances that govern parking enforcement. Such legal frameworks can expose property owners to considerable legal liabilities if not adhered to meticulously.


Our legal department prides itself on staying abreast of and compliant with all relevant regulations, thereby providing our clients with a sense of security and protection against potential legal challenges. This focused expertise ensures that your parking enforcement strategy is both effective and legally sound.

You're in great company.

UPA is trusted by more than 800 private property clients, cities, and property management companies.

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“Utah Parking Authority has been a huge part of helping us maintain a great atmosphere for our students. Not only are they professional and courteous, they also are very honest and fair. We appreciate the lengths they go to to help landlords and tenants create and understand fair parking regulations.”


Property Manager

“Utah Parking Authority has been very efficient in taking care of our parking problems. We are located directly across the street from the University and have become their overflow parking. We have fewer complaints and more parking spaces due to the services that Utah Parking Authority provides.”


Store Manager

“Utah Parking Authority has been a great company to work with they have great customer service and communication skills. We have never had a parking enforcement company that was as consistent and professional as UPA.”


Property Investment Manager

“I have been so impressed with Utah Parking Authority. They aren't the typical towing or booting company. They are clean cut, friendly, honest, and professional and have gone way beyond my expectations. They have made my job much easier! They have solved our parking problems and have promptly taken care of all of our parking needs. I would strongly recommend them to anyone!”


Property Manager

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